Greg Richardson is aiming to be on the next Fort Saskatchewan city council. 

He was first introduced to the community in 1977, living in Fort Saskatchewan for a couple of years before moving away. He returned in 2005 and has lived in the area ever since. 

Richardson spent many years in a variety of different industries such as sales management, building distribution networks and computer programming. He is also very involved in the community, including serving as the president of the Fort Saskatchewan and District Chamber of Commerce.

“I enjoy helping people, I enjoy working with a group for the better good of the community. I love the community that we live in, it’s an amazing community. Throughout my life, I’ve been a troubleshooter, and I’m used to troubleshooting things for a living. As a city councillor, I’d really like to do the same for the city of Fort Saskatchewan.” 

If elected, some of his primary goals would be revitalizing the downtown area, bringing in more projects while remaining fiscally responsible and improving affordable housing for seniors, low-income families, and first-time homeowners. 

Richardson also wants to focus on getting feedback from residents to better learn what the needs and wants are and if they are feasible to achieve. 

“We want to be proactive in what we’re doing and how we’re maintaining our city for our continued comfort and for our continued growth. We need to work with our neighbors. Collaboration with our neighbors and the communities surrounding ours is paramount.”

Written by Hannah Stolz